2018 CAA Business Awards

Thank you to those who sent in a submission to the CAA’s 2018 Business Award program.


Two award winners were announced September 20, 2018. 

All three jurors singled out two entries, judging them in almost the same order. Thus a tie has been declared this year.

One firm engaged the whole office in a project, not just the design team building the power of expanding design, energy and awareness into the community beyond their own walls.Their project and the business of it affected the whole city.

The other firm applied a business efficiency philosophy idea from manufacturing into everyday architectural practice. Lean thinking theory is innovative and, in one judge’s experience, quite challenging to apply in an authentic way. The jurors applauded the way that  the firm tried to rethink one of the most essential business practices in architecture through the lens of Lean Thinking.

And the winners are:

RPK Architects for Lean Thinking


DIALOG for Design Week

Click here to see RPK's winning entry.

Click here to see DIALOG's winning entry.



Yes, there are already a number of architecture-related awards programs, but none like the CAA’s business award, which is a unique awards program focused on the “business” of architecture.

The CAA was established to represent the business interests of architectural firms in Alberta.  As an association, we are focused on the business aspect of architecture, and so too, is the CAA Awards Program.

The CAA Awards are designed to highlight the value of potentially under-recognized skills and contributions of Architects.

Essentially, we are looking for creativity and excellence in the “business” of architecture in Alberta. That could be achievements and innovation in problem-solving or it might be planning in a broad, business-oriented sense. The work may or may not directly result in a completed building.

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CAA 2018 "Business" Awards


·      Work by an Alberta firm (or firms), undertaken or completed in Alberta.

·      Work to have begun or due for completion within five years of the award year.

·      Eligibility is not limited to CAA membership.

·      Submissions are to be in keeping with the CAA vision, mandate, and mission.



·      The Awards event will be linked to the CAA’s 9th anniversary and AGM (TBA) 

·      Opportunity for display of successful award submissions.



·      Entry fee for CAA members: $150.

·      Entry fee for non-members: $300.



·      Now passed. June 30, 2018.

Attend the AGM September 20, 2018 to find out the winner.